Fortin NTS Presets Thread

Hey everyone! Here’s the thread where you share your presets for the Fortin NTS!


Here are a handful of presets for the Fortin NTS!
LOG 512 RHY ESP Br Pu.xml (6.3 KB) Log Redneck LTD Br PU tone knob bright.xml (2.3 KB) Vogg Wannabe GTR RHY 1.xml (2.2 KB)

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Thanks Steven for sharing your great presets and Neural DSP for building this useful site.
I made a lot of presets for this plugin (35), you can find them in the “Preset Vault” section on Honest Amp Sims Reviews site, under Guitar Amp Sims - Neural DSP Fortin NTS Suite folder.
Here is the direct google drive if you’d like to download (free download) them:
Hope you enjoy!


The LOG presets show in the folder with the rest of the presets but will not load. Your other presets work just fine??

Rhythm tone for my fav amp sim!
Karol - NTS Rhythm.xml (2.6 KB)

gear: 7-string + emg 707 (bridge pickup)
tuning: standard A
input: about -12 dB peak

Nice one man, thanks for sharing!

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Hello everyone! I’m a happy NTS suite user and would love to share my presets with you all. How do I do it?

Hi Alessandro, nice to see you there :slight_smile: I think you could just reply to this thread and click on the “upload” button, then select the presets you made (they should be in XML format) and you should be done. Please note that your presets should be in this path on your PC: C:\ProgramData\Neural DSP\Fortin NTS Suite.
If you cannot see the “upload” button probably you’re still recognized as a “new user”. If I remember right you should take some time reading some posts on this forum and you should be able to gain a level on the Trust Level settings.
Here is what I found out (you should find this info in a mail sent you by “discobot”, subject “greetings”):

" Get to trust level 1 by:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts"
    After you reached trust level 1 you can post your attachments.
    Hope this helps!
    Looking forward to try your presets, from what I saw on your YT channel they sound great :slight_smile:

Brilliant set of presets. This sim is more versatile than I would have thought. Your review on honestampsims is definitely one of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger after I tried the trial version.
Had a bit of time figuring out where the /programdata/ folder was on Windows but of course, it was hidden. Easy peasy after I figured that out.

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Thanks a lot man, I agree with you, it’s pretty versatile if you tweak it enough.
Glad the review on honestampsimreviews was helpful, TBH it was done by Tyler (not by me).
I didn’t think about the hidden “programdata” folder, you’re right!