Could you make a category for Fortin Cali Suite and make a Fortin Cali preset thread too please

Hi could you please make a category for Fortin Cali and in it a preset thread for Fortin Cali


I definitely agree, I’ve already done a lot of presets for this awesom amp sim and I’d like to share them. Also, the preset thread I made some time ago for the Granophyre is still in the “General” category.

I’d love to see a companion FX suite for all NDSP sims- wahs, modulation, delays, verbs, etc… as it is, i have to pull up Nolly, disable amps and cabs, then load Cali to get the awesome Nolly FX for the Cali tones! Hahaha


right??? this is my dream. it’s the only thing missing from this pluggin. i wish they’d they come out with a Cali Deluxe addon or something which includes effects like in Gojira.