Octaver Request

While the electro harmonix octaver sounds great it would be good to have the Boss OC5. The boss model allows you the determine the frequency over which the effect works.
Hence I can have an octave down bass set to work on only the E A and D strings of my guitar with the other strings not triggering the effect.
At the moment I have to still use my OC5 pedal as I can dictate the frequency rage of the effect

You can use a split with crossover to achieve something similar

Thanks for that
I did try the crossover but was not successful at that time. But it was early days and I may succeed now.
I’m using the cortex to process four things so I can’t use two rows for this purpose.
I think I have to use two rows to use the crossover ???
I put the GTR into the OC 5 which gives me a thru out and a processed ( bass) out. I use input one for GTR and return one for bass.
I have GTR , vocals , bass and harmonica mic. One on each row.
Cheers. Allan.