Poly octave and pitch 'range' control

built in range control on pitch stuff, so you can have low octave on only the low notes but it won’t do a low octave on high register notes, depending on where you set the range control

so, automation of the pitch parameter in the detuner, probably assignable to an expression pedal?

no, range control is a variable resonant low pass in front of the processing, above the hard cutoff point the wet receives no signal to apply an octave to. See boss OC-5 ‘range’ or OD-20 ‘low octave’. It allows counterpoint lines of extreme interval distance, with low strings producing low octaves in simultaneous conjunction with high strings not producing low octaves, a normal 6 string can then do intervals otherwise possible only on a 7 or 8 string

I was able to create this effect the hard way by stacking EQ’s and filters. I put input 1 (my guitar) on a new row, then start with the polyoctave, followed by a Graphic-9 EQ with everything turned to zero except the 65hz band, then a Low-Hi Cut with the HPF flat, HPF at 20hz, LPF at -12db, LPF at 74hz and output to 12db, followed by a duplicate Graphic-9 EQ, THEN a bass rig capture (Amped SV classic 1), and finally another Low-Hi Cut with the same settings as before but the LPF is 48hz.

I A/B’d this with a Boss OC-5 and the results are nearly identical. HOWEVER, a simple frequency filter on the Polyoctave would make all of this unnecessary and free up a lot of blocks and DSP.


That sounds really interesting! Could You share a preset with it to the cloud? :blush:

I wonder if using the ‘Crossover’ setting on the splitter might be a limited option until if/when this feature gets added. Set the ‘Frequency’ control for where you want it to stop providing an octave. Then place the pitch block on the side of the splitter that gets the low frequency side of the split. Might not work too well for poly usage though (don’t know, haven’t tried it).

Im still tweaking it, but if I get it to a “release candidate” state, I’ll upload it for others to tinker with for sure.

I was actually testing that today, and so far haven’t had any luck. The crossover doesn’t actually seem to cut off anything totally. No matter where I set it, I can still hear input from all the strings. It seems to act as more of a tone knob. Maybe Im not doing it right.

ALSO, if anyone knows how to delete a splitter/mixer from you blocks, please fill me in. I’ve already searched the forum and one other person asked and got an answer that doesn’t work.

Ok I posted my preset here: