Vocal Harmonizer with harmony tracking

I come from a TC helicon voicelive and my only regret is the vocal harmonizer.
A vocal harmonizer using formant an listening to the chords played with the guitar might be a very good improvement.
The unit is ready to use Microphones but asnot much stuffs for singers…

I too found this a problem but I managed to solve it for my system.
On the QC I have GTR to input 1 and mic to input 2 I use 2 rows for GTR , 1 for vocals and one for my electro harmonic’s B9 pedal
I send a GTR signal to the VL3 X using an Fx send block as the second Fx block on Row 1 (after a noise gate )so the VL can read the chords for vocal harmonies. I put a dummy plug in GTR out of the VL3 so I don’t get the GTR processed by the VL3.
I have not in use for the output on the QC VOX line which is ( from memory ) …. input 2 to a compressor eq and reverb , but I put not in use for the output. I then send the vocals to the VL3 via an Fx send. This way the volume of the vocal does not change if I alter the master volume of the QC
I mix the QC and the VL3X by using the mixer in MainStage on my MacBook ( via a Focusrite audio interface) which also has my drum samples from superior Drummer 2 on it
I also have a Boss OC5 octave down bass ( as it allows you to chose the range of the notes effected) on a MainStage Chanel and an electro harmonics B9 using a row on the QC I also have a MainStage channel for a harp.
MainStage allows you to use high end Fx on the channels. I even use a compressor to duck the GTR volume when I sing using the vocals on the side chain.
I hope this makes sense to you.
I have the QC , VL3X , OC5 , B9 pedal and Focusrite all wired together in a large case or box and I operate the foot switches by hand as I sit on a stool and play the drums live with Drumtech Fat pedals. The foot switches on the QC are so easy to operate by hand unlike the VL3 X. I also have a stereo jack lead with a toggle switch on one end into the foot switch socket on the. VL3 so I can operate the HIT button on the VL3X from my GTR
I love all these toys
Cheers. Blackwood Mountain Man

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Nice stuff! It’s a Brain storm! Thank you for sharing your Big solution, but I sold my vl3x to buy the QC…:joy::joy:

It’s so much fun!!!

TC Electronics has used a good algorithm for years that ‘listens’ to the chords of the guitar or synth plugged in without using midi and generates vocal harmonies from them. A killer functionality which would definitely help break into the singer songwriter audience


I finally have a decent vocal setting I’m going to try live next week. Pretty basic, Compressor > EQ> Delay> Reverb. I found that I was setting the amp output too high for the vocals to cut through. I currently use a Boss VE-500 and I’m kind of spoiled by it, that thing does everything lol. But, the QC already has quite a few essentials. There are a couple things that would make it that much better, an auto vocal harmonizer would be sweet!

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Absolutely yes! Voted for this

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If you just want vocal harmony, checkout the TC Helicone Voicetone H1, it’s a small pedal and just does vocal harmony, nothing else, so you can take the out put and go into the QC and use the QC for all of your EQ and FX. I believe it’s 12 volt center negative, so it may just run off the QC power adapter with a splitter. It’s worth looking into until the QC gets a vocal harmonizer algorithm.

That’s a great suggestion, I also just got myself an older TC Helicon Harmony G XT device. Still looking forward to the day QC can be my do-it-all unit tho.

I am running vocal, looper/drum machine and guitar through my QT and want to use it for vocal harmonies. It seems very possible and I figure one of you super users could help.


You can use QC for vocal processing, using for example typical EQ, delay, and reverb effects. However, a vocal harmonizer is not available. I would suggest a dedicated unit for vocal harmonizer is the best option anyway. I use a TC Helicon Harmony G-XT with QC with great results.

Have you tried the Mini-Voicer? I haven’t tested it with vocals yet, but it harmonizes fairly well with instruments.

“Our intelligent Minivoicer algorithm allows you to add 2 pitch shifted voices on top of your signal.
The voicing library provides absolute control over the root note, modes, and chords for harmonizing as well as arpeggiating. Activate MIDI to receive MIDI chords or notes which will harmonize your DI signal to the MIDI-instructed pitch. The Minivoicer is available within Pitch devices.”

I will try the Minivoicer. But TC Helicon Harmony G-XT tracks chords directly from the guitar in real time. Works great for solo acoustic with loopers, no MIDI required. It also tracks very well and the harmonies don’t have any glitches or artifacts.


Yeah, I doubt the MV can compare to a fully-dedicated external unit. I’ve heard some folks say they’ve used the QC pitch-shifters on vocals and the MV is the only one that can attempt to follow notes and scales. We’ll see!

horrible with voice compared to the tc voicelive, and no harmony tracking…

While harmony tracking might be a trick, having it track vocals really specifically would be amazing for me.

If no tracking, at least the ability to make custom scales, or have more voices possible with MIDI notes somehow.

Quite disappointed about the fact there I found nothing done for singers in the CorOs 2…

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I’m super happy with the EQ, compression, reverb, delay for vocals and for my harmonies I run through a TC Play Acoustic and it sounds fantastic. I just run an out to the TC so it can track the vocals and guitar but only vocals out of the TC. Great solution in two devices.

Agreed, this would be amazing! Pretty please NeuralDSP!!

I have gigged a few times with the QC for vocal (and hundreds of times on guitar) and used the Mini voicer for harmoneys perfectly! It can’t detect your chord or key like the voice live can, but you can program it per key (or set scenes for each key) without a problem! set quantize on and use the glissiando so its not too robotic

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