Vocal Harmonizer with harmony tracking

I come from a TC helicon voicelive and my only regret is the vocal harmonizer.
A vocal harmonizer using formant an listening to the chords played with the guitar might be a very good improvement.
The unit is ready to use Microphones but asnot much stuffs for singers…

I too found this a problem but I managed to solve it for my system.
On the QC I have GTR to input 1 and mic to input 2 I use 2 rows for GTR , 1 for vocals and one for my electro harmonic’s B9 pedal
I send a GTR signal to the VL3 X using an Fx send block as the second Fx block on Row 1 (after a noise gate )so the VL can read the chords for vocal harmonies. I put a dummy plug in GTR out of the VL3 so I don’t get the GTR processed by the VL3.
I have not in use for the output on the QC VOX line which is ( from memory ) …. input 2 to a compressor eq and reverb , but I put not in use for the output. I then send the vocals to the VL3 via an Fx send. This way the volume of the vocal does not change if I alter the master volume of the QC
I mix the QC and the VL3X by using the mixer in MainStage on my MacBook ( via a Focusrite audio interface) which also has my drum samples from superior Drummer 2 on it
I also have a Boss OC5 octave down bass ( as it allows you to chose the range of the notes effected) on a MainStage Chanel and an electro harmonics B9 using a row on the QC I also have a MainStage channel for a harp.
MainStage allows you to use high end Fx on the channels. I even use a compressor to duck the GTR volume when I sing using the vocals on the side chain.
I hope this makes sense to you.
I have the QC , VL3X , OC5 , B9 pedal and Focusrite all wired together in a large case or box and I operate the foot switches by hand as I sit on a stool and play the drums live with Drumtech Fat pedals. The foot switches on the QC are so easy to operate by hand unlike the VL3 X. I also have a stereo jack lead with a toggle switch on one end into the foot switch socket on the. VL3 so I can operate the HIT button on the VL3X from my GTR
I love all these toys
Cheers. Blackwood Mountain Man

Nice stuff! It’s a Brain storm! Thank you for sharing your Big solution, but I sold my vl3x to buy the QC…:joy::joy:

It’s so much fun!!!

TC Electronics has used a good algorithm for years that ‘listens’ to the chords of the guitar or synth plugged in without using midi and generates vocal harmonies from them. A killer functionality which would definitely help break into the singer songwriter audience

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I finally have a decent vocal setting I’m going to try live next week. Pretty basic, Compressor > EQ> Delay> Reverb. I found that I was setting the amp output too high for the vocals to cut through. I currently use a Boss VE-500 and I’m kind of spoiled by it, that thing does everything lol. But, the QC already has quite a few essentials. There are a couple things that would make it that much better, an auto vocal harmonizer would be sweet!