Occasional Audio Glitches as USB Interface

Okay, maybe I’m going crazy, but after today’s WIN10 update… the issue disappeared for me. I used to get the glitch every few minutes and now I don’t remember having any throughout the whole day.

Edit: nevermind, the issue is still here but it’s not as prevalent

Noooo it did ? sure gonna update today, let you know … That would be a change!
And IT DID, sometimes at teh beginning just a milisecond or so , but that was the case already in the previous version . Well done Microsoft , euh in this case :wink:

I have a late 2015 Mac Pro and I get the same issue. I updated it last night to see if I’d have any luck…none. It’s worse. I hear about half a second of audio and it drops out.

However, my iphone seems to work fine. I use a camera adapter (usb to lightening). I also have luck with my ipad.

I’m only using the interface side of the unit for backing tracks. I haven’t even tried using it for recording.