Occasional Audio Glitches as USB Interface

CorOS Version: 1.0.0

Describe your issue:
Using a Mac running Big Sur and the Quad Cortex as my audio interface out to monitors, occasionally I will hear audio glitches. It seems reproducible.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Navigate to a patch that is using 76% CPU
  2. Go to youtube.com and find a video.
  3. Click around on the timeline for the video quickly, jumping from place to place.
  4. If you do this enough, you will hear the glitch.

This is only one method to reproduce it. It happens at random times, but for some reason the above steps seem to encourage it to happen.

I expected this to happen:
When I play audio using the QC as my interface, I expect to hear no glitches.

I have tried the following things:

  • I have tried updating QC

I also am receiving audio glitches which prevents me from utilizing the QC as an audio interface via USB to my Pro Tools DAW in Windows 10. Any insight on this would be appreciated, thanks!


Do you get glitches if you run QC into Another Audio Interface as if you were plugging in an instrument?

This is also happening to me with a 32% CPU patch active (not even playing, just using my computer).
I couldn’t reproduce it though, glad you found a way! :slight_smile:

I’m on Apple M1 Mac Mini (Big Sur) btw.
Cheers! :beers:

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No - this is solely while using the QC as my audio interface.


Yo, i also get occasional audio glitches when using it as audio interface. It’s like the audio goes robotic for a second or two and back to normal.

In my case it seems more severe than yours.

My setup: when not playing, I have created an empty patch where there is no input other than windows audio (thru usb obv) and output is speakers on channels 1 and 2. This minimises the QC CPU consumption at 3%.

So even in this condition of low CPU usage and simple audio streaming from YouTube or Spotify, the QC gives me audio glitches.

Additionally, from time to time,out of the blue, audio goes dead and I have to reboot the QC to hear something again.

When playing guitar I’m totally satisfied with QC.
When not playing, I regret getting rid of my good old UR22 - which never gave me a crack or glitch.


Go to the audio panel and increase the sample rate.

Try increasing the buffer size

Yeah, that’s what I ment…

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update 1.0.1 does not fix this issue on Windows 10. Audio glitches occur through pc sounds when using QC as audio interface, at every possible buffer size, and for some reason my driver is locked to 48khz and I can’t confirm if changing to 44.1 khz resolves the issue.

QC operates only at 48 Khz when used as an USB interface and as such be the master sync clock of the setup.

I experienced a fun one: was playing normally and all of a sudden it glitched and started delaying the sound by about 2/3 of a second. Disconnected the USB and it would go back to normal for a while. I recorded it for proof.

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Intermittent glitches here too where I don’t experience issues with my Clarett. Seems to affect only the output not the recorded signal when recording wet/dry outputs from the QC. Interesting enough, when using plugins through the QC and recording into a DAW (using QC for pre/post FX) it does capture those glitches in the recorded signal when having audio route from plugins back to the QC. Same listening to music too, I just expect to hear random glitches when listening to music until a driver update patches this (not sure what else would remedy).

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CorOS Version: 1.0.1
This happens when played music by any means, I observe cyclic distortion with a period of one minute:

PC configuration

  • Asus Laptop with a core i7
  • PC ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX + core i5-9600
  • OS: Linux, Windows
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This is exactly what I see too. I have another video of this issue: April 13, 2021 - YouTube

I have been having the same issues. Mine makes a very robotic beep. But, only when being used as an interface.

Are you also on MACos? Are you able to test on a Windows platform and if so, do you still have the same issues?

I am on windows. And I have not found a work around as of yet.

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Also getting glitches roughly every 3m. Super annoying since you can’t record any song in one take… :frowning: I’m on OSX 10.15 buffer size is 64 samples, but setting it higher makes the latency noticeable. But I think it extends the time between glitches.

How are your clock and sample rate settings? The QC as USB audio interface operates only at 48 kHz and preferably as clock master.