Occasional Audio Glitches as USB Interface

Hey everyone,

To anyone that hasn’t done it yet: Please send us a summary of your system specs, as well as some details on how to replicate these problems to support@neuraldsp.com. We’re trying to gather more information about these problems.

Thank you!

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I’m also getting these drops in volume sounding like a compressor is engaging and squashing the audio.
Seems like it can’t handle a full mix as well as a new session where you’re just tracking a few instruments.

OK, finally had time to run the QC as USB audio interface on my Mac-based system (macmini 2018 6-core i7, 32 GB) and it works rock stable without any hint of glitches or artefacts whatsoever. I also ran it aggregated with my RME UCX interface with no problems (though 7ms roundtrip latency at a buffer size of 32).

Also interesting is that as aggregated with the UCX as master, the QC locks fine to 44.1 kHz - as most of my old and current (Logic) projects runs at 44.1 kHz, this is excellent news, to be able to re-amp also those projects without going over analog!

As for tweaks - nothing is done (internet, wifi and bluetooth running) Also, for the tests the QC was connected to a port of a USB hub connected in series with another USB hub before the macmini, so the QC doesn’t seem very sensitive regarding the connections.

Great news, thanks for the update!