Not getting email to activate Gojira after purchasing, and can't link iLok account. HELP

Anyone else dealing with this? I bought Gojira (twice thinking the first one didn’t work correctly). I got the generic order confirmation email, but their support is telling me there’s another email that links through to an iLock authentication, then licenses and activates the plugin from there. I have no such email, and keep being told to follow the link from it, which is obviously impossible.

I’ve also tried to link my Neural account to iLok in the Neural user admin area by providing my iLok account. I enter and submit that, and get a confirmation email sent type of message. I look at my inbox and get nothing, over and over.

If anyone has insight, I would appreciate. I’m down $230 and have no usable plugin to show for it.

@Neural if you’re reading this, I’m happy to provide my iLok if you can simply deposit the plugin?

Please advise.

Unfortunately, NDSP doesn’t directly monitor this community. Regardless, this is something that can only be resolved via email to They usually resolve these ILOK related issues quickly.