No Activation code in iLok for just purchased Archetype: Gojira

I want to store it and there is no code…

Licenses get automatically deposited on the iLok account linked to your profile. If you haven’t linked your iLok user ID yet, you can do it from here: My Account - Neural DSP

Sorry there is nothing about linking iLok on that page… I mean Gojira shows up in the iLok manager but there is no Activation code, it’s blank.

You don’t need an activation code. If the license is already there, follow these steps:

  • Open iLok License Manager and log-in with your iLok account.
  • Go to the “Available” tab (View > Available licenses).
  • Right-click over your license and select “Activate”.

I’ve done that twice, no code appears in iLok. I understand I don’t need it, Gojira is activated. I just wanted to record the number in a “password” storage file like I did all the others. Thanks for your help.

Now I understand. We made that change on December 14th. Purchases made after that day don’t have activation codes, and their respective licenses get automatically deposited.

You shouldn’t worry though. The license will be permanently linked to your iLok account.

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Thank you Gonzalo!

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