Nolly Trial won't let me record with the presets I create

Hello everyone,

I signed up for the trial on both Plini and Nolly archetypes yesterday. Both presets work great when I load them as VST on adobe audition (over some clean guitar signal I recorded previously).

The problem comes when I try to extract the audio while using Nolly plugins. I create a great clean ambient sound on Audition using the nolly vst, but when I extract the clip it sounds very heavily distorted and with no reverb. Almost as if the preset changed.

Is this due to the fact that I’m running the trial version or is there something else?

Thank you,


Hi @Ferranlagar. Unfortunately, Adobe Audition is not part of the supported DAWs. Can you download Reaper and check if you’re able to replicate the same issue? We can deposit a trial extension if you need more time to test it.

You’re right! It works perfectly on Reaper. No need for any time extension I’ve got plenty of time left.


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