Getting alot of clipping

trying out Nollys, Abasi, and Plini vst and they all sound amazing, but today i pluged in and was getting a ton of clipping on Nollys and only Nollys. the Abasi and Plini have no issues whatsoever, its only the Nolly that has it. tried using other guitars and had the same issue. Tried restarting my rig, messing with the buffering size, and still get tons of clipping. I’ve gone beyond my knowledge of fixes so if anyone has any thoughts i would appreciate it!

Hi @leperus94x. Does it happen with some specific presets?

nope its every one. Its only on the Nolly. Abasi and Plini work perfect. guess ill have to reinstall

Can you attach an audio example of the issue? Check if it happens the same across all the formats (Standalone, VST2, VST3, etc).

I figured out the issue. In standalone, not in FL20, I had changed the sample rate in one plug in then quick swapped to the other. That caused an issue with the audio interface having a different sample rate than the selected plug in. Now that everything is synced up and routed correctly everything works perfect.

@leperus94x Glad to hear that.