Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Only recording DI Signal

Hi Folks,

Recent purchaser of the Nolly plugin, it sounds awesome. I’m a pretty major novice when it comes to home recording, and I’m plugging my guitar into my PC via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. When I plug in and open up Neural DSP: Nolly, I’m hearing both the plugin guitar sound, and the clean DI guitar.

When I go to record (my DAW is Ableton), it only records the DI signal. Would anyone know how to help me with this? Apologies for the incredibly noob questions.



Hello @ianrockett1988

To mute the clean DI signal that you hear when playing, you need to disable “Direct Monitor” at the front of your audio interface.

To record inside any DAW, you need to use the Plug-In version (VST/AU) by inserting it on an audio track. The DAW will record the clean signal but it will be processed by the Plug-In if it’s inserted on the same track.

Hi Gonzalo,

Thanks very much! I realised my Ableton is 32-bit so that’s why the plugin wouldn’t show up. I got it running in my copy of Reason, but it crackles when I play it back, and the audio drivers crash after a few minutes.

Would you have any ideas what could be causing my PC to not be able to handle running Archetype: Nolly like that? Maybe I need to upgrade some aspects of it?

Thanks again,


@ianrockett1988 The performance will depend on your hardware and how optimized your system is. First, try to replicate these settings in Reason (Edit > Preferences > Audio):

  • Audio card driver: ASIO Focusrite USB ASIO
  • Sample rate: 44.1000 Hz
  • Buffer size: 128 or 256 samples

After that, take a look at our guide for PC optimization: Optimizing your PC for Music Production

Finally, analyze your system using Latencymon ( DPC latency can cause several audio dropouts due to drivers or hardware issues and is usually not measured by CPU usage.

If nothing works, then you may need to upgrade your hardware.

I hope it helps!

Thanks again for your help. I’d imagine I probably need to upgrade my hardware. One last issue I’m having, I have downloaded the presets and they do seem to be on my computer, but they’re not coming up when I open the preset list in Archetype: Nolly. All the ‘Artists, Users’ etc options are greyed out.

Do I need to move the preset folder somewhere specific for it to come up?


The preset folder for each Plugin is located at C:/ ProgramData / Neural DSP /. Check if the downloaded presets are installed in that folder.


It was in there indeed, but it wasn’t showing up when I’d open up the program, so I moved it to my Custom Plugins folder to see if that would help, which it didn’t. Perhaps I should just remove everything and reinstall…sorry about all this! This is a big learning process for me haha

No worries! Does it happen with the factory presets as well? Did you try running the application as admin?

Hi, yeah there preset section is just completely empty. Artist, Factor, User options all greyed out. Just tried running as administrator and it’s no different haha.

Should I just reinstall everything? Maybe I need to make sure presets are going into a specific folder?


Try reinstalling making sure everything is going to the default locations.