Nolly Trial not loading in Garageband

Standalone working just fine. This error message comes up when opening in GB.

Hello @samharman911. Currently, we don’t give official support to GarageBand, but you can try the following:

I really appreciate the quick reply. Garageband is up to date, plugins are enabled, and I followed the terminal prompts. Same issue is happening.

As said above, GarageBand is not part of the list of DAWs that we currently support (you can check it here). This trick seems to work more frequently with macOS Catalina.

Thanks for trying. I’m going to upgrade to Logic soon, but I’m hesitant to buy Nolly if I can’t record with it. It sounds as incredible as I’d hoped, which is bittersweet.

We can give you a trial extension if you want to try it when you upgrade to Logic, this way you make sure it works as expected. Just let us know at when you’re ready.