Abasi Plugin Issues

Hey there! So i am trying to record something in garage band and have the abasi demo but it wont let me use the plugin because it says it needs to be updated?

Hello @tylerhaywood917. Please take a look at all the DAWs we currently support here: https://neuraldsp.com/faq/

We don’t give official support to GarageBand, but you can test the following steps:

Update GarageBand to the latest version and be sure to enable Audio Units:

Check if you can run the plugin by disabling the Gatekeeper.

Launch Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/) and issue the following command to turn off Gatekeeper:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Hit return and enter the admin password as usually required by sudo, and Gatekeeper will instantly be disabled.

Finally, close the terminal, launch GarageBand and check if the issue persists.