Nolly plugins have to be reset in saved Logic Pro Session before audio plays

System - Mac Pro 5,1 Mojave with 6 core Xeon, 32gb ram, Logic Pro X on 250gb NVMe drive with sessions on SSD

I have a 4 track scratch track for a song. 2 heavy and 2 clean guitars panned hard left and right.

Saved/Closed the session. Then I forgot to bounce it for sharing. So opened it back up but audio would not play (Click was fine). If I disable the plugin, I can hear the dry track. The logic pro comp plugin is also working.

To get any Nolly plugin sound, I have to open the plugin, change the plugin settings and then change them back. I have to do this on each track.

Any thoughts? I’ve cleared my logic preferences, and even reinstalled logic all together. I have not reinstalled the Nolly plugins yet.

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Hello @seandoyle. How ofter are you able to replicate this issue?

Every time on this project. I don’t think it’s across the board but it’s definitely everytime on the specific project.

Also what’s weird is that if i click the stereo input button vs the mono input, sound starts to come out. Yet the actual sounds and the plugin patch are all mono (since they’re guitar tracks)

Please contact including your project settings. We’re currently working on an update for Archetype: Nolly so we should be able to solve this problem.

Does the project contain any preset automation?

No it doesn’t. It’s 4 very masic tracks for a scratch track. Just the nolly plugin and a gain reduction comp plugin after that and that’s it.

I’ll email them tomorrow. Thanks for the quick response.


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Thank you for notifying us.