Noise with gain

why too mutch noise using gain? I don’t like to use noise gate. Someone can help me?
Thank you.

Hi to everyone, sorry.

Hi. If you use gain without a gate you can expect noise. I could be wrong though considering I haven’t even attempted to use one without a gate in 15+ years. I remember every amp with gain having some unwanted noise until I discovered noise gates.

Thank you for your answer, I compared QC with my fm3 and I have more possibility to open the gain with Fractal

What are you using to monitor with?

Have you tried lowering your level on the Input block or gain levels in your signal chain?

Is this on all your presets? Factory presets?

If you upload your preset we can take a listen.

I am using couple of JBL MK305, all level in and out are very low, but I repeat I don’t have problem with my FM3. With QC I cannot arrive to the same level of gain without noise .

I have some high gain presets, and I have noise, but never more than a real amp would have.

Which amp models and settings are you using? Maybe I could try your preset and tell you if it also creates high noise on my setup.