Noise everytime every preset

Hi there. Just got my QC. I have noise with all the presets even if there is no gain.

I have tried cables, power suplys, different guitars, headphones, daw. All the same.

I have followed all the support advices with zero results. The noise is always there. Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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I am a new user too and I really don’t have any advice. I just wanted to welcome you here and say that there are many helpful people that care about your experience. I have had some issues too, but the unit itself is pretty amazing as you already know. It may take a little bit but someone will come along that knows more than I do about it. I would encourage you to do a search of some key words in the forum and you may see a previous thread that was dealing with a similar issue. God bless.

Thanks for the welcome my friend.

I have been dealing with it for more than 10 hours now. I have already worked with other systems like Kemper, Helix and Fractal. So more or less I know what I do. I have also read all the posts about if and followed all the steps or advice I have found both places, here and support. I have tried anything that came to my mind. Since cables, guitars, power adapters, daws, headphones, system resets, impedances, ground lift, noise gates, input volumes, jacks, stereo XLRs… none of the above worked for me sonfar. But I am sure someone will come with a solution. Understand that sending back a 1800 euros hardware to the customer service the same day you unbox it is a bit depressing.

Thanks again my friend.

what kind of noise?
Hiss? Buzz? Can you share a video or audio recording?
Need more info

Hi. Thanks for your answer.

Sure. This guy did the job for me. The XLR worked for him. Not my case. This is exactly the problem I have. The amount of noise deppends on the preset. The presets with gain has more noise but even creating a profule from scratch the noise appears as soon as I add the amplifier device.


(removed due to attachment)
Here are some samples. Clean and with gain.

Thanks for the help.

Is there anything nearby that could be causing electrical interference? Fluorescent lights, monitor screens, cellphone?

Have you contacted support yet? Sounds like you’ve addressed most variables, time to see if it needs to go back for repairs

Thanks for your help.

Sure. I have cellphone and electronics all around. Like everybody. That’s why I took the thing to the rest room, bedrooms, kitchen and even garage. That was my first idea since the power supply looks cheaper than any other I haver ever seen.

I contacted support yesterday. Bad day I guess.

Thanks for your comments.

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Yes, they’ll be out of touch till Monday, but hopefully they’ll be able to help. Really sounds like you’ve tested all possibilities, sorry you’re having that issue. (They’ll probably run thru all these same factors with you to start)

Thanks Xush. I am sure they will.

I have the same problem using jack cable. No noise using wireless system.

try to connect the QC with other device with ground to the same outlet.
there is no ground to the QC PSU, so it can take the ground from other PSU if it connected to the same outlet.

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I have tried everything. Different outlets, direct connect, different rooms. Als tried different cables. I dont have wireless systems and that is the only thing I did not try.

I don’t remember of this problem using firmware 1.41

Nobody can elph us?

Have you tried to connect the QC to a grounded other device via XLR or USB?
The QC power supply is not grounded.

Hello. Please let us know if support has a solution . Hopefully the noise buzz problem gets resolved. I’ve had pretty decent luck here with QC into mixers and powered monitors and recording. Have not used the USB yet. Sometimes everything needs to be plugged in to QC including the guitar(turned down) and sometimes a ground lift on an adjacent device like the mixer or powered speaker might solve the issue…MIGHT

I don’t know, why but my noise is gone. No problem now.

Now all is normal.

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There are ground lifts throughout multiple screens of the unit…such as the input screen. Have you tried lifting the ground there…??