Noise Gate in the Input block

How close is the Input block’s noise gate to the adaptive gate? It seems pretty close to my ears.

Pretty much the same. I use the IN block most of the time and save resources.


That was why I brought it up. I’m working out all my song templates and I’m removing the Gate block for that one. Thanks Bruce! Your mention helped swing me in that direction. Doing it now as I type! :smiley:

Sure thing anytime.

Maybe I don’t have my Input level dialed in correctly, but I am not fond of the gate on the Input block right now. Seems like even when the threshold is dialed in such that the gate should rarely to never be kicking in, it still kicks in relatively aggressively. Too much activity for the low setting. Anyone else experiencing this? If not, I will start looking at other possible causes.

Possible. If I use say a high gain amp and set a default gate at 30% it would pretty identical to the input block gate set the same. Maybe your amp settings are causing a different need. Mess around with it but I have found it very useable.

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I’m finding that I need to crank the %age higher but it’s scene assignable so for things where it needs to be opened up like solos and melodic lines, it’s easily done. More tweaking but I’m finding once it’s locked in, I don’t need to change it much.

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