Expression noise

In one of my most complex presets (it reaches 72% of the cpu usage) I use the expression pedal to control lots of parameters on many different blocks at the same time (I basically can morph from cleanish with modulation and reverb to very high gain wall of sound).
If I mute the guitar’s volume pot and scroll with the expression pedal I can hear a very subtle but distinct digital noise coming from one side.
I guess it would be an easy fix.

Maybe share your preset? I am unable to reproduce any artifacts like that currently.

I would like to do more research on this issue and I’ll let you know.

Another thought - you can put noise gates at the end of the chain as well. If rapidly changing the gain on an amp(s) is causing random spurious noise, a gate at the end of the chain might help eliminate it.

This preset uses a dual gate for example:

I’ll definitely try that.
I hope it will not cut off delay’s or reverb’s tails.

If you see in that preset - it’s before the time FX to avoid that very thing :+1:

That’s right, thanks again.