Noise At Input 1

I’m tempted to exchange my QC for another over this… Hopefully I can save all my presets, and Captures.

I’ve tried different cords… I tried different locations, different guitars, but once you plug a guitar cord in that input 1, there is a lot of noise. It dies down some once I plug in my guitar, but totally disappears when you pull out the cord… It’s dead silent then. I have to use a noise gate with this.

Is anyone else having this issue?
I’m using some really nice Mogami too.

Might be a stupid question but I’ll ask anyway : did you set your input impedance to 1M ?

(swipe down > I/O Settings > click on input 1 > Impedance)

I live in a electromagnetic interference + electrical noise hell of a home.
A guitar buffer with a 1M input impedance saved my bacon (+ proper copper shielding of my guitars).

Also, try to plug any output to an audio interface or an amp (even if you don’t use it as your audio output)
The QC gets its ground from external gear plugged into it.

Good luck.

Not a stupid question. Thanks for the reply.

I’m usually set at 1M or 10M I try it all. I curious about what you are using as a buffer.

I definitely will try plugging into something grounded…

I did notice that with this preset I get more noise on scene D which is the highest gain one. Also this is with a Humbucker, but it makes the noise just having a guitar cable plugged in, and I have tried other cables, and have tried using input 2 to see if it’s the input.

Other presets are higher noise that have higher gain.

Thanks again.

I think I see what you mean…

As I understand, the noise/hiss is coming mostly from the amp(s)/pedals on your scene D.
If this is the case, it is doing what analog amps & pedals do at this much gain : hiss & other noises.

I’d suggest putting your noise gate block after those device(s) (pedals + amp) and before your delay & verb (if those are post-amp)

I’m usually set at 1M or 10M I try it all. I curious about what you are using as a buffer.

I was using a BonaFide by TC Electronic but don’t need it anymore since the QC (with a 1M input impedance) is doing the buffering.

Thanks for the advice. You mentioned buffers earlier. I’m not sure how you are using them

Usually first on a pedal chain or (if using a Fuzz) straight after Fuzz.

Is this an external device like a pedal, or from within?

Lenghty video on buffers here : Do I Need A Buffer & Where Do I Put It On My Pedalboard? – That Pedal Show - YouTube

with the QC, no need for a buffer

If you plug a cable without a guitar in the other end is going to make a lot of noise, just like any amp would do. Nothing wrong with the QC in that scenario

Thank you both. I noticed that if I take out the amp block in scene D , the noise disappears. So it’s definitely the amp capture and not the Earthquaker Devices Plumes (pedal capture) before it.

I’m going to try a noise gate after that amp block… just on that scene

You might want to make some sanity check of the input level with some clean amp. In my case I have to use input level with the pot at min. of -12dB to get clean sounds clean. And doing that makes the distorted ones better too. The input meter shows quite low values, but that is just what I have to do. I have been asking about this from support for long time already. I noted Neural about the fact that there are many, many topics on this board which could originate from same issue. The input level not actually being in sync of what is the actual input level. The input stage itself doesn’t seem to clip easily, but what seems to be a correct input level according to meter, can be way too loud for models. Seems that there are differences between units. But like said, there are a lot of issues with users which all could related to this. Muddy sounds, unability to use cleans, capture problems… you name it.

I had a chance to play with the input noise reduction and strategicly placed gates depending on the scene. This preset is actually tame compared to some of the others, but I was even able to improve some of those as well.

I have a base level low setting input NR that covers the quietest clean scene, then add gates where needed on other more aggressive scenes after the amp model.

That seems to not squash as much as before to where it kills sustain.

Hi there -
I know it’s been a while since your post, but can provide what clean amp you used for setting your input level? I’ve struggled with this noise issue as well, and I’m wondering if what you describe is my issue.
Thanks for any help!

I used Bogna Vishnu Clean preset to demonstrate the issue, but I remember fighting it with quite a few amps. Eventually I decided to proceed with input level 0 with the input meter showing strong signal. Then I use negative gain utility before amp to find the sweet spot. Which in case of clean amps can mean as much negative as possible and still it can have some distortion. I didn’t want to keep the main input level on very much negative, because with Strat there wasn’t anything visible on the signal meter anymore. Yet the amps where playing quite fine. Anyway, as I didn’t have any visuals of the signal level anymore, I was worried if that would be utterly wrong setting from some amp models. So I rather keep the signal strong and reduce it when needed. At least I know that there is enough stuff going in :smiley: