Noise Gate with frequency crossover

I use the adaptive gate together with the splitter set for 2khz to 3khz to get rid of hiss alot (works great, highly recommended). Unfortunately, this blocks a whole lane.
It would be great if an adjustable crossover frequency could be added to the (adaptive) gate, to have that feature in just one block.

What is the benefit of this compared to using the gate on the full frequency spectrum?

You can use more aggressive settings with the gate without its shortcomings.
E.g. I use an adaptive gate set at 2% (so very low), which just shuts the signal when I do not play. I use a second adaptive gate with a crossover frequency set for 3khz, which is set much higher, depending on the location and levels, 30-60% usually.
Set like that you get the full sustain of your guitar, but the hiss you hear, when the guitar gets quieter is completely away as you only sustain the lower frequencies. You basically get a much less noisy guitar sound at the cost of sacrificing one whole lane. Hence the feature request.

Nice idea, I am pretty satisfied with the adaptive gate out of the box but you can always optimise. I will try this setup and see how it works for me.
Thank you for your explanation :wink:

If you would like to see what this looks like (the preset that this request is based on) you can check it out here. The point of this gate is to get rid of the high hissy noise on amp sims by gating the high frequencies of your DI signal. When you strum your strings, the gate is open. When the notes sustain, there is no high frequency information in your DI track so this gate will then mute those high frequencies and remove the hissy noise from your high gain amp sound. This gate is placed BEFORE your amp sim. Here is the preset (very basic HF gate and capture):

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The benefit is that the gate would normally turn off the entire signal. With the gate only shutting down the high end of your DI signal, your low end remains open and feeding the amplifier. This is useful because your long sustained chords/notes will sound perfectly natural and you wont get the accompanying hiss noise on top of your note as it sustains into silence.

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This is an absolute must for high gain profiles! An absolute game changer. Absolutely necessary.

There is a preset on the cloud by “JZ1978” that demonstrate this perfectly called “HF Split gate”
As the preset description states, setting the frequency of the splitter to taste can eliminate all the hiss and noise I’ve come to associate with high gain profiles on the QC.

I have built it into every high gain tone I use and plead that Neural implement this into “crossover noise gate” block so I don’t loose a lane in every preset.

This would consist of a crossover frequency dial and two adaptive gates. One for below the crossover frequency and one for above.

I cannot stress enough how ‘useable’ this make high gain profiles for me. It eliminates all hiss on sustained notes without cutting off the sustain of the note when held entirely.

Please please please implement this.

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Thanks, Ben! Im so glad people dig the idea!! I really hope they check it out and see the benefit. :slight_smile: