Noise issues for any guitar I use

I have been trying to use the QC more, I am having major noise issues throughout. And the worst part is when you unplug the guitar this massive wall go hum and buzz starts.

I tried messing with the impedance but that is not working as the volume is cut too much. I play many types of guitars and expect some with a Strat , but not hum buckers or Noiseless stacked pickups. If it had a master gate level that may help, the type of noise is unnatural as well . I shouldn’t have to use a pinned gate on every preset to play live.

Can anyone relate and or help me, I feel the options for a machine like QC should be way more detailed. The settings menu is not really not helpful. I know its growing and we are at the ground floor so i’m gonna hang tight as I have a Kemper and FM3, one has to go within 3 months. (don’t tell the Kemper) he’s on his way out. FM3 is a superior device at this stage miles ahead in tone and options. The amps for QC all kind of sound the same. And the plug ins are amazing so hopefully soon QC will catch up.!!!

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There is not normal QC behaviour and definitely something wrong somewhere in the system! Have you reached out to with the issue?

sounds like the ground loop issue

The QC has an external power supply, so there is no fixed ground like the PE or anything connected to the ground. I don´t think it´s a ground loop.

The only way out: Use the gates. I have at least one gate at the input and a second after the amp or IR at heavier sounds.

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I had a similar 60 cycle hum issue. I realized input 1 in the I/O settings had the ‘ground lift’ switch toggled on.

Silly mistake, but I hope this solves your problem, too.

The noise is going away when I had connected an XLR output of my QC to another device

That was a good advice from QC support

Regards from a new QC user in Cologne, Germany

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