No volume coming out of the Quad Cortex

I have all of my inputs and outputs in place. As I turned on my QC there was no signal coming in either. After shutting it down and restarting the unit it then showed that signal was coming in but not going out.
I downloaded the newest software update and that didn’t change anything either. I checked my cables and those are fine as well.
The unit worked perfectly well at my gig last night and has been working amazing for the last year.
I need help to get this thing fixed asap!

I am also experiencing a similar issue after updating to 1.4.1 yesterday. My unit is not showing signal coming in as well (nothing in the input section, no info passing into the tuner, etc).

Sorry to hear Dan. I had this issue before updating to the newest software.
It’s really strange.

There is a process for forcing the firmware update process again. I believe it is something like pressing the A & H footswitch at some point during the initial flash screen bootup, but I can’t seem to locate the exact procedure anywhere. I remember seeing it after the 1.40 firmware release. I think it needs to be better documented.

Also, might want to check the usual suspects like global settings, output block settings, cabling, and I would also make sure if you have an expression pedal connected with volume blocks in your presets that you recalibrate the volume pedal.

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Recovery Mode

Press and hold the A and H footswitches within the first 6 seconds of the splash screen displaying to initiate Recovery Mode, where you can reset the settings or perform a factory reset.

Expression pedal factor is a good idea too- easily overlooked and often the culprit for ‘no signal.’

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