Im worried that there is a major issue with the 1/4" outputs. This is the SECOND Quad Cortex that has stopped working

A few months ago the 1/4" outputs (3 & 4) just stopped working. They literally worked one night, and then I brought it to practice the next night, and I got no sound from those outputs. Upon further investigation, I can get a VERY quiet sound out of those inputs, but it might as well be silent.

The weirdest part is that the I/O screen is registering the signal just fine, so I have no idea where the problem is coming from . I am wondering if it might be software. My QC literally sits in my apartment, and then I bring it to my church. There is no way it got damaged physically, it barely moves.

Anyways, Sweetwater thankfully replaced it for me (I didnt want to wait to shiop it to Finland)…

Fast forward to tonight… the SAME exact problem, with the new QC

Is anyone else having this problem, because I’m about to lose my mind here

Just did a factory reset… didnt help. Actually, now output 3 doesnt even work at all… so that’s cool

If the inputs and outputs are looking normal at the meters, assuming the outputs aren’t failing after the meters, I would be looking for the problem to be downstream. I would check my output cables and amp/monitor.

Also worth mentioning, if you are using an expression pedal with a volume block, make sure it and the main output knob are turned up. Also, double-check your loop and output block settings.

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Hi @LilSenate and sorry to hear you are having issues again. It’s definitely not normal to have those issues and as @HonestOpinion stated, it appears to be a downstream issue especially if you are seeing signal on the I/O meters. If all else fails after checking cables, amp and monitors etc., please email so they can get you resolved.