No trails in preset mode?

I’m making some patches for some gigs I have coming up and I’m using preset mode (bank 1 is the first song, where 1A is verse patch, 1B is pre chorus, 1C is chorus etc…) It looks like even if I have trails on, in preset mode the trails don’t work. Is this how it works, and should I be using a different mode for the gigs? I want to have totally different presets with different blocks for each section of a song so a verse could have a drive an amp and a delay, and the chorus could be using 4 inputs and 4 outputs with crazy effects.

Also I’m trying to put a stereo compressor after the stereo reverb/delays but that is not a thing in the quad. when I try and split out the reverb to two signals and put a compressor on each signal it sounds like it sums the stereo to a mono and I lose the amazing stereo spread from the reverbs. I’ve tried adding a gain block after the two compressors and panning them hard left and right but it sounds like it is using the same mono reverb sound not Left and Right out of the reverb stereo spread. Any ideas what i’m doing wrong and how to fix this?

Trails is for scene mode.

Generally (not always) use patches for songs (or groups of similar songs) and change patch between songs, use scenes for sections of a song, use stomp switches for adding and removing combinations of effects in a section of a song.

Okay so song 1 would be Preset 1. Then the different sections of song 1 would be Scene 1 (intro) Scene 2 (verse) Scene 3 (chorus) etc…? If that’s the correct workflow, can that all be in a setlist folder? I had originally made all my patches in preset mode but seems like since there is the lag and no trails it is not a viable way to work given these limitations so the above mentioned way makes the most sense. I feel like the kemper or Axe can do these options where the quad does not let you.

Not really - on the Kemper you’ll also have lag and no trails in preset mode (Browse mode in Kemper-speak) - you need to use Performances of five rigs each for seamless switching. With the power of the QC grid, you can create equally powerful rigs to the Kemper’s performances in most cases. QC presets can be far more complex and powerful than any single Kemper rig.

But it definitely needs some re-learning and a bit of nerdyness to fit everything you need for a song or a certain style (I have some all-purpose presets like “Rock” or “Blues” with the 4-5 essential sounds I need for that style) into one QC preset. In that sense, the Kemper Performance mode is easier: just pick any five rigs and slap them into a performance…

That’s the downside of the power and flexibility of the QC - with the simpler Kemper model (4 pre-amp effects, 4 post-amp-effects and just one “capture”), such a Performance concept is feasible; with the complete freedom of the QC grid, it probably isn’t feasible to have multiple instances of the grid on “hot standby” - I suspect that would max out the QC’s resources too easily.