Issue with trails on most reverbs and all delay blocks - anyone else seeing this?

Hi all,
I just sent the following email to the support team. Curious if anyone else is seeing this behavior:

To reproduce:

  1. Start with an empty preset
  2. Add an Ambience reverb block
  3. Disable (not mute) the block
  4. Turn the mix up to 100%
  5. Turn trails off
    - The instrument can not be heard, even though the block is disabled.
  6. Turn trails back on, still with the block disabled
    - The instrument can be heard again.

I have reproduced this with the following reverb types:

Spring (M)
Spring (ST)

This does not affect the following reverbs:

Mind Hall
Plate Lush
Plate Tight

I have also confirmed this also happens with all of the delay blocks.

I tried this on some of the models and I’m experiencing the same thing.

I use external pedals for delay and reverb, so I never would have found this. Thanks for bringing this up.

Word is it’s been addressed and will roll out in an upcoming hotfix

I have also had this problem after the update. Glad it’s not just me I thought I was going mad!