Issue with trails on most reverbs and all delay blocks - anyone else seeing this?

Hi all,
I just sent the following email to the support team. Curious if anyone else is seeing this behavior:

To reproduce:

  1. Start with an empty preset
  2. Add an Ambience reverb block
  3. Disable (not mute) the block
  4. Turn the mix up to 100%
  5. Turn trails off
    - The instrument can not be heard, even though the block is disabled.
  6. Turn trails back on, still with the block disabled
    - The instrument can be heard again.

I have reproduced this with the following reverb types:

Spring (M)
Spring (ST)

This does not affect the following reverbs:

Mind Hall
Plate Lush
Plate Tight

I have also confirmed this also happens with all of the delay blocks.

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I tried this on some of the models and I’m experiencing the same thing.

I use external pedals for delay and reverb, so I never would have found this. Thanks for bringing this up.

Word is it’s been addressed and will roll out in an upcoming hotfix

I have also had this problem after the update. Glad it’s not just me I thought I was going mad!

At first i though it was just me my ear playing tricks but yes most of the time effects sound weak ,i wonder how long are we going to have to wait for rhe fixes

Excuse me but it seems to be the case even today with Core 2.1.0 Is it the same for you thna for me ?