Preset switching slow, how to use scenes

so… coming from kemper, boss gt-1000, axe fx… diving into the quad I have the following problem:

  • I usually play a whole gig with 4 different sounds. call em high gain lead, rythm, crunch, clean/funstuff fx
  • quad into frfr/straight FOH

problem statement:

  • if I switch now presets, there is a delay

proposed solution:

  • use scene mode

problems identified:

  • i dont know how to copy different presets to one scene without having to rebuild them (again total differenz amps, blocks, etc) in other words I use completly different amps, speaker IRs for the sounds and was not able to rreplicate(copy paste all 4 presets into one scene)
  • the clean tone (shimmer in the pic) is using all blocks and is totally differenz from all the other sounds but I need it in my one scene

I watched all the videos on youtube and went trough the manuals.

how can I seemlessly using these 4 sounds for my gig without delay switching between them?

To copy the settings from one scene to another, switch to scene mode, press and hold the footswitch for the scene you want to copy - a dialog will display prompting you to press the footswitch for the destination scene.

There’s may ways to get the clean/driven/overdrive/distortion/metal tones. One way is to use one or more amps and use scenes for different amp models and gain levels. Another way is to use a single clean amp and multiple stacked drive pedals. Each has its pros and cons, but the approach with drive pedals is quite flexible because you have more control of the distortion voicing of each contribution to the saturation signal chain.

thanks. but it does not answer my question. how can I use those 4 presets in one scene or switch between them without delay?

scene mode is related to 1 preset only so you can’t.

so you guys want to tell me I can’t use the quad cortex in a live setup like any other modeller ,so I need to change my approach and use different blocks to achieve my 4 different sounds live in one scene?

really…? :slight_smile:

Why would you want multiple presets in one scene? What you want to do is create multiple scenes within the preset as others stated. Use your preferred amps and effects per scene etc. Otherwise, need more details on what you are trying to do, why and what are your limitations.

Hey @hoshinator. You can still use it in a live setup and get different tones through a song using scene mode. But as others already suggested, the changes have to be built within a preset.

This doesn’t mean your scenes have to sound almost the same or use the same devices. You can bypass devices between scenes and change the settings of those devices as well. If you run out of CPU or slots, you can continue to add more devices in row 3.

As a reference, take a look at some factory presets (Ex: D6, 6E, 6G, 7A, etc).


ok. I will then try to recreate my “4 sounds” in one scene. thanks.

so presets are used for what exactly? marketing? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s another way of organizing rigs. Preset systems are quite common on modelers and amp sims, and gaps between presets are most of the time unavoidable, which is why scene and stomp modes are useful.

A good idea might be to use a preset per song, where each preset contains the different tones you use on that song as scenes.

Have you tried creating a setlist with the presets you need to have accessible?

You mean probably creating your 4 sounds in 1preset with 4 scenes.

That will not solve his issue for the delay when you switch preset in your setlist.

You cannot switch between presets without a slight delay. When you switch presets all the information in the new preset must be loaded causing a slight delay, depending on its complexity of the new preset. Scene were designed for almost instant changes between sounds. The reason for presets is to load a whole rig. I have a preset labeled Aqulung. In that preset there are three scenes. Crunch, acoustic type sound, and a lead scene. All set up with different amps for sounds specific to that song. I have a few presets for particular songs. My main preset uses all 8 sciences for different sounds. Clean, crunch, heavy distortion, and a lead sound. Then I have a few of those scenes with specific effects making up the other 4 scenes.

Hope this helps clarify, how presets and scenes differ.

Thinking of it as a hierarchy:

  1. Stomp mode lets you control bypass of up to 8 blocks in the current scene - you can use them in any combination within that scene
  2. Scene mode lets you control any parameter of any block in your preset - but you can only have one scene on at a time - you can’t mix scenes like you can stomp. Scenes can’t change blocks, only block parameters.
  3. Preset lets you change your whole rig, all blocks, scenes and stomps to something entirely different for a completely different purpose.

Which one you use depends on your needs. Stomp mode is good for using QC like you would a regular pedalboard into a clean amp. You can select whatever effect or combination of effects you need. Scene mode is good if you need to change a lot of things between sections of a song. Preset mode is good for songs that require very different setups.

Personally I use mostly one preset and a lot of stomp controlled effects. I don’t necessarily try to replicate the sound of every song, preferring instead to use my own tone and interpretation that’s the sprit of the song. But different people/situations have different needs.

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In Stomp mode you put ALL THE BLOCKS you need for all your sounds with some basic settings. Then switch to Scene mode.

In scene 1 you can, for example, use the noise gate, an 808 and EVH. Bypass all other bocks. You can call this your High Gain scene.

In Scene 2 you can edit the settings of the 808, EVH and disable the bypass for the delay, and call this your lead sound.

In Scene 3 you can enable the bypass the EVH and 808 and disable the bypass on your clean amp and reverb/delay blocks. This will give you a clean sound.


This enables switching without delays and still leaves the trails from the delays on. At the end I put a “Send 2” block which sends the sound to my amp and put a cab block after to send it to FOH with the cab block enabled.

In combination you make your presets / scenes per song in a setlist. Make all the presets and scenes within the preset and only switch between them during breaks between songs.

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this is excellent advice! I will try…thanks a lot!

“Any other Modeler”? All have some switching delays as well. This is not a proprietary fault of the QC alone. You can however correct some of the lag between scenes by switching the minimum changes as necessary. This again happens on every modeler I’ve owned including Helix, Kemper, and the Axe-Fx III.

not in Kemper performance mode. Where you can have 5 different presets with complete different amps and settings

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@Guitarman how do you use 3 amps in the same preset?
Do you just add 3 and just turn them off and on?

Yes in each scene you can turn what ever blocks are in your preset on and off, including different amps and cabinets.