No sound with dual amp/cabs in different situations

Apologies if this has been covered or a stupid question.
I’ve got a ton of presets and have found that if I have 2 separate blocks in a preset that if I hard pan one of them to the left then there is no sound coming through my headphones?

The other issue I’m finding is if I run a split and have a separate amp and cab running on the next block down there is either no sound at all or it just doesn’t recognise there being a cab or IR there.

On the attached picture if I mute all the blocks on row 3 and just have the row 4 can and IR there is no sound. Am I missing something obvious?

Check your splitter/mixer lines and make sure panning is how you want it to work.

if you could upload that preset and make it public we could dig in and see what’s going on.

That was the issue! Sorted. Thank you. Impatience led me to ask before trying everything!

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Thank you I’ll bear that in mind when I inevitably get stuck again!

No worries! Glad you got it sorted out! Thanks for the update!