No Sound from Downloaded Presets

Hi. This is my first post!! :partying_face:

Got a feeling it’s an easy fix (I just got this awesome unit) and I’ll continue w the manual and tutorials… but:

I downloaded Martin Miller’s 8 presets. No problem. But when I try playing there’s no sound. I notice there isn’t an amp or a cab…but even when I add one: still a no go.

Thanks in advance

Check the default output on each preset. It may be different than what you use.

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I’ve only made one preset (using my SD9 capture!). Def louder than others. I’ll give it a look. Thanks.

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Look at your signal chain, if a preset is using XLR outs 1 & 2 and you are using outs 3 & 4 etc., you won’t hear sound (excluding headphones), same if you are using outs 3 & 4 and the preset is configure to use XLR outs etc., you need to check the inputs and outputs of the presets.

Also recommend to review the current manual:

Started on the manual last night. Starting from the top to begin with. Appreciate the tip. I’ll check it out when I get home. Tanks fer da tip!

I did notice that there isn’t m an amp or cab in any of his presets. Is that by design? Up to the user to find one they like or use their own physical rig?

Looking at Martin Millers presets, some use cab blocks and some don’t. If you don’t see a cab block used, that most likely means he is using a preset with a capture of an amp/cab baked into the capture. Sometimes, the details will specify or the name used for the capture might indicate a cab/mic are baked into the captures.

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Yah: headphones work for all of them (and they’re excellent!). I think it’s that I need XLR outs. Off to Sam Ash I go.

Or just set to multi-out then you will be sure to hear it somewhere :grinning::love_you_gesture:

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Well now I’ve got a bead on the Input/Output functions. All good. Presets sound great! Thanks, guys!

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Glad you resolved and up and running! Enjoy and thanks for the update as I will now close this topic.