Phase issues with 2 amps


I am trying to run a setup with 2 amps on row 1 and 2 and I have phase issues
Is there a way of reversing polarity in amp 2?
I try to do it by a splitter from in 1 and in M row 2 phase on but sounds terrible so definitely doing something wrong
I wonder if someone can please help?


use a gain block and flip the phase. Unfortunately this will happen quite often if you do things in parallel. Captures aren’t necessarily phase-preserving

Some amp/cab combos just dont play well together. I struggle with this often and sometimes changing cabs works, sometimes its just the combo of amps and captures and the what not. I consistently forget which amps usually work together and which ones dont. Sometimes i just pan them hard enough until the phase goes away but thats mostly for jamming for me i suppose. Havent had to really tackle this in a recording or live session yet.
+1 to the suggestion above, I’m gonna give that a try as well. Cheers