No Sound Through Airpods

Hey guys. I’m running the Petrucci plugin and/or standalone app. My guitar is running through my scarlet 2I2. I’m having trouble setting airpods to the output. I’ll get sound for a half a second then it goes silent and appears to freeze the app (test signal gets stuck and output meter is non responsive). I’ve got the input set to the right port on my 2I2 and the output set to airpods. Anyone know a workaround? Thanks.

Hi @danieljm, What OS are you using (MAC/PC etc)?
I can’t think of anything that the plugin software would have to do with the audio output for your Apple Airpods.
It should be the same setup you would choose for any BT headphones which would rely on some BT configuration within you computer.

Hey there. I’m on Mac. Ive checked all my permissions, etc in apple settings. Its a weird issue I can’t troubleshoot for some reason and I work in IT lol

Does this issue happen with other plugins / amp sims or is it just Neural products?
If it’s only Neural, I suggest you email support directly: We can only guess and postulate here but they would be the best route of support regarding this.