Sound issues Mac Mini M1

As a Fortin Cali and Omega Granophyre user I’ve noticed a significant drop in sound quality when I had to settle for a Mac Mini M1 after having used the plugins on an iMac 27" (it sadly died before Christmas).

Is the internal soundcard of a Mac Mini M1 that much worse compared to the iMac one or is there anything I can do to enhance it somehow (it used to be crystal clear chugging and playing but now it’s kind of “noisy” a bit and kind of muffled of these are the right words to describe it; it’s definitely worse by a huge margin as Fortin Cali used to sound like a lot of fun)?

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. The setup has not changed at all besides the computer (LesPaul > Rocksmith Cable > Mc Mini M1 > Fortin Cali > Presonus Eris 3.5).
Would using something like an Universal Audio Volt 1 or Focusrite Scarlett Solo enhance the sound quality a lot? It would be great if something could be done about the without spending more money though :wink:

Thank you for any kind of help in advance!

those Rocksmith cables are very bad,get a real audio interface and the Universalr Audio Volt is a great choice

I have a similar problem as you do but on MacBook Pro 14 and Focusrite Solo. The only thing that helps is turning the master volume all the way up to the maximum. It’s almost like for the Ventura the input signal is just too low for some reason.

Thank you very much for your replies.
The Rocksmith cable itself might not be the greatest cable of all but as I have two of them I do know that the cable itself (have tried both) doesn’t cause the shitty sound.
Must be the cheap soundcard then…
I will try an audio interface in the near future and hope to get back to the sound I got to know through my iMac…

The Rocksmith cable is an audio interface, just a very limited one, so the issue is not the built in sound card of your laptop.

I happen to own one and find its compatibility with different systems to be rather hit and miss. I don’t have an M1 mac, but I’ve tried it with an iPad, which is architecturally very similar to ARM based Macs and runs the same Core Audio drivers for class compliant devices such as the Rocksmith cable, and found that it just doesn’t work properly (poor sound, frequent glitches). It’s an old product and has never been tested for compatibility with newer systems.

You could try playing straight into your DAW without the plugins to make sure the issue isn’t caused by them, but I suspect that you’ll just have to get a decent modern audio interface that officially supports the new Macs.

So… a few months later I did get a UA Volt 1.

The sound has gotten a lot better than with the Rocksmith cable but I still think it sounded better on my old iMac… weird.

Hoping to get the M1 update for my Omega plug-in and those Transpose/Doubler/Metronome updates soon.