Device failing to start

Hey everyone, I’m really puzzled and frustrated here… I am on Windows 11, 32gb ram, intel i-7 etc, fairpy high end computer… and have been using Archetype Petrucci fot a while now- bought it when new. It was my first plug in. Them bought Archetype Rabea when it came out, thry are wonderful tools to create with.

I recently putchased a new guitar and was very excited to get home and jam. For some reason, I got no sound. Made sure my audio signal path was correct- through my Focusrite Scarlett solo gen 3, instead of coming through my computer speakers for example. I go into the plugin settings, it is set on ASIO, and I select my interface. It waits just a second, anf then says my device failed to start.

I can still listen to music and such through my interface, and my interface is still visibly recieving a signal from my guitars and microphones, as the ring around the gain knobs keep lighting up, even showing me clipping. So I am inclined to think my interface is fine? Cables are fine as well.

All of my drivers are verified up to date, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything a few times. I even tried to roll back to a previous version of windows to see if it was a Windows update that introduced a bug or something, but no luck.

I am pretty dead in the water now, and have been going back and forth with tech aupoort via emails for 2 or 3 days now, and they sent me a link to the standard FAQ page, then told me to verify my drivers, which I have already mentioned are good and up to date.

Please help!!!

It sounds like your interface isn’t showing up. I’m not familiar with Focusrite but ensure you are getting signal from your guitar to your interface and finally to / from PC. Ensure you are getting signal from the guitar by plugging headphones directly into your Scarlett for monitoring, then move to the PC etc.

I said in my original post that my interface is recieving a signal from both my guitar and microphone. I can also still directly monitor my guitar through the interface.

Is your plug-in registered via Ilok? So everything was working with a previous guitar and now with the new guitar it no longer works?

Lol, yeah, everything is registered via iLok. No guitar works at this point.

Sorry to hear about those issues. It appears you are working with support, maybe post your screen shot of settings you are using will be helpful.