No output on user downloaded presets

I downloaded two presets from the same user, but there’s no output. I show an input signal, but I cannot get a signal out. I looked at the output configuration. I disabled all blocks and still nothing. Cannot figure it out. Ideas? Thanks.

Make sure your output is using what you have connected on your grid. Some use output/3/4 etc., if you change to multi you should hear something then you can leave set at multi or specific to your outputs being used.

I have encountered this too. Which presets, do you remember?
I couldn’t find any way around it and deleted them.

Both presets were by the same user. I believe the presets were titled “8 string bass” and “12 string bass”. I spent an entire afternoon trying to solve it, and also gave up and deleted them. It showed an input signal but would not put anything out. The weird thing is that when I switched to the preset it would output for a fraction of a second and then mute. Don’t know.

Maybe there were hidden XP assignments

That’s a very good idea. I will check out that possibility.