"no custom IR" on other cabinet when using custom IR

New to Nolly so maybe I am missing something but when loading a custom IR in one of the cabs it changes the IR for all the cabs on the corresponding side.
After a bit of testing it seems the logic seems to be:
When loading a custom IR in one cab it sets the other cabs to what was last loaded in that cab since the plugin/standalone was started.

To reproduce:

  1. Start standalone version
  2. Load custom IR on left side for cab 1
  3. Check cab 2-4, they now have “no custom IR” on the left side (right side unchanged)
  4. Change to a different preset with standard cabs to reset back to factory cabs
  5. Load custom IR on left side for cab 2
  6. cab 1 now have the custom cab loaded in step 2, cab 3-4 have “no custom IR”

This is on Windows 10, tried it on both the standalone version and as a plugin in Reaper

I tried searching the forum and google but could not find anything about this despite it being such a obvious bug(?), but perhaps I am just searching with the wrong keywords, or I am just missing something obvious?

Hi @martink78. Thank you for notifying us. I’ll ask the development team about it.

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Hi again!
I am sorry to say that this still does not quite work in the new version. While I don’t get the “no custom IR” message it seems to load custom IR’s in all cabs if I do it for one cab.

  1. So starting with a factory preset
  2. Load a custom IR in cab 1 on the left.
  3. Check other cabs, they now have loaded custom IR’s as well for left side. Different cabs than was choosen for cab 1 I might add. Seems to be IR’s that was previously used in the slot (I am guessing it is the quick select IR (shown in the menu) that is used.

Hi @martink78. If it loads the IR on all the cabs, then it’s working as expected. The plugin has just one cab loader which has graphical changes to represent the different cab IRs.

The “no custom IR” message was a bug, which should be fixed now.

It loads different IR’s for each cab. For example In my case I load a OwnHammer Marshall in the first and it automatically loads a Celestion Blue in the second, a OwnHammer MB in third and OwnHammer Orange in the last. I have used all of these IR’s previously so I guess it is picking the last used custom IR for each cab. (I prefer this to it loading the same IR on all cabs as it is pointless to have the same IR on all cabs)

I am not sure I understand the second part about one cab loader. I get that it is just one loader but I would expect it to be able to load a different IR file for each cab and that some of these can be custom and some standard/factory/Nolly ones.

I’m honestly not sure if that’s possible at the moment since all our plugins share a similar loader. However, I appreciate your feedback on this matter. We may have to reconsider it if this becomes a common petition.

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Honestly to me it does not matter that much, I can work around it, I am just surprised but I guess it’s because I don’t understand the inner workings of the standard cabs so I don’t understand why it is dependent on all four cabs.
Thanks anyway!

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