IR loader inconsistencies

Hello !

Sorry if this has been asked already, I have tried to search for it but didn’t find anything relevant, so I’m opening a fresh topic.

I am new to NDSP plugins, only been using them for a few days now, everything is well designed and it sounds fantastic.
However, there is one thing that bothers me, it is about how the IR loader works.

I am aware that the file path is stored into the preset so that it is remembered, so for example Archerype Gojira X can store a total of 6 custom IR path. I have also noticed that it shows all the files that are inside the folder, which is also very clever. So that was for presets that are saved.

But my concern is about presets that are being tweaked / unsaved, for instance selecting any included preset and loading a custom IR.
When we do that then select another preset, the custom IR path that was previously loaded isn’t carried around.

I know what I am suggesting could be difficult to implement because of the way it is designed (2 custom paths per cab), but it could be very useful if it could remember the latest selected IR folder, for each slot that doesn’t have any custom IR loaded, globally for every preset. So that we no longer have to open the browser and search for the IR manually every single time.

Please tell me what you think!