External IR memory

Hi, would it be possible in future updates to remember which IR folder/IRs have been used when saving presets. All I ever get is a ‘no custom IR’ sign and therefore its impossible to know what ive used in my saved presets unless I name them as such. If the path was remembered it would be much easier to play around with new settings rather than having to re-search every time I want to try something new.

Just a request



Hi @alexdoyleguitar. We’re working on it.

Do you experience this with all your Plug-Ins?

Thanks. I have the issue in Plini and Abasi and Omega. In Nolly and the bass ones im not using any external IR’s but I can try and see if its the same issue. Its been like it for awhile but recently I now don’t have the cab engaged (even though it is in the plugins ) when I open the program I just get a cab less sound. Once I go to a default preset and back to my own presets then the IR’s work. This issue has only happened recently, last few days and is true for both Plini and Abasi.

Im running a MacBook Pro with Catalina latest version