Impulse Response/Cab combination


One question on using IRs. The only spot where you can place an IR on the QC is in the cab section. If you use an IR, does it automatically deactivate the cab? Otherwise - if you have an IR that includes cab and mic - you would have the sound of 2 cabs.

I.e. I want to use an IR for an acoustic guitar. But I don’t want to use a cab for it of course. Do I have to capture the IR with a Neural capture or can I place it the IR into the cab section and it turns the cab off?

Thanks everyone

the IR file will replace the cab. The Cab block is just a ‘deluxe’ IR loader; when you adjust anything in the cab parameters you’re morphing between IRs in reality.
I’ve loaded acoustic IRs for use with piezo-equipped guitars, it works great.

Awesome, thanks for the fast response :+1:

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