Cant activate trial! no activation code!

Jesus Christ I just want to try this thing before I buy it!!! (fortin nameless)

Everytime I try to activate it makes me insert an code/plug an iLok/make a sacrifice!!

No solution, no troubleshooting, nothing!
Where is this damn code? How can I activate this trial without this iLok? I can’t at all!

Yes, everything is downloaded and installed, I’m logged into iLok system but still I can’t redeem it.

Hello @gcwilliam98

You need to install iLok License Manager on your computer, Log-in with your iLok account, Install the Plug-In, Launch it and click on the “Try” button. You don’t need any code to activate it.

You can also check the instructions on this page:

Well, it requires a code in here. When I click the Try button it actually asks me to load a license file

Please send your iLok user ID to We will deposit a trial license into your account.