Finally sold my tube gear and jumped on board

Hey there. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I can’t believe I finally did it, but I just offloaded my tube gear and ordered a QC this week. I had been considering this for the better part of a year. After watching countless reviews and reading tons of threads, the final 2 things that pushed me was the Petrucci Plugin (You guys killed it with that one and I’m a huge fan); And I moved into a 3rd floor apartment without an elevator. That was it. I didn’t want to move the 4x12 and the triple rectifier anymore. The general tube shortage was also a factor. The recent addition of the looper also helped, since it looks like the developers are delivering on the promised features.

Anyways, I’m glad to be onboard with Camp Cortex, and here’s to hoping Sweetwater gets a big shipment in so I don’t have to wait 6 months. Till then, I’ll be hacking away with Petrucci, Gojira, Plini and Fortin. Really looking forward to seeing how this thing continues to develop. With the interface being so good, personally, I hope we see archetype support in the QC before a desktop editor.

I have some relatively inexpensive Sterling monitors that I play through right now. I’ll probably be investigating powered FRFR stuff next.

While I am a little sad to see my Mesa stuff go, I’m also really grateful that today’s modeling is so good that I was comfortable with letting it all go.


I really hope you won‘t have to wait as long as me here in Germany. It was a little over eight months last year and I had to pass that order over to a friend because I needed the money for a substitution at some point. Placed a new order a few weeks back now and the delay announcements are again coming in on a regular basis. Neural as well as the stores seem to not have learned anything and still give absolutely unrealistic delivery dates after 1,5 years of experience with the chip shortage. I‘m pretty frustrated at this point and the amount of me playing my guitars has significantly reduced since I sold my old gear. If they take forever again this time I might not even need it anymore because I quit playing guitar altogether out that pure frustration. The plugins are great but they don‘t work for what I want and would‘ve needed to do. Intel says chip shortage should be resolved by 2024, I‘ll definitely be done with it by then :melting_face:

Yes, as great demand as ever for the QC and the chip/component manufacturers keep cutting down on their numbers of units to the manufacturers, affecting the entire supply chain. Second hand is an option to get a unit faster - pricing is soaring but now and then something more decently priced items emerge, like

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I’ve used amps for 45+ years. I started with a PV bandit, and owned numerous others. I finally got a DSL tube amp about 15 years ago, and I couldn’t go back. I originally bought the QC to use as a backup plan for my JVM410h setup (4CM), and to mainly use the effects with my amp. It works very well for me in that configuration. After I got the QC dialed in to use as a backup amp, I realized I could absolutely use it as my main setup. I haven’t used the JVM in almost a year of performances now. I never thought that would ever happen as I had no intention of giving up my tubes, but here I am. The main advantage is how well it connects to the mix on stage, and to the FOH. I have yet to have any issue setting it up with any venue I’ve played from a simple duet (mics, guitar, cheap powered speaker), to full blown concert systems. I’m impressed with the QC. I wouldn’t want to be without it now. I still have the JVM though. I have it setup at the house ready to just plug in and noodle if I want :slightly_smiling_face:

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