Newbie question - tempo in Logic

I’m a newbie to this and I’ll try to explain my issue. Using Focusrite Scarlett, Tone King, Logic X. I’m using a preset tone and when I track my guitar, it sounds like I’m on the click, but then on playback, it sounds like all of the effects are not matching the tempo. When I use a preset, how do I match my effects tempo from Tone King to my Logic project, so they match up, if that makes sense. If not I’ll try to clarify. Any help is appreciated!

Hi @MattDawg5 and welcome to the community! Questions regarding Logic and syncing tempo etc., would be best answered directly via Give them a shout and they will have you sorted quickly.

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Hey, on the delay pedal there should be a toggle that says sync. Click it, and some of the pedal knobs should become unusable. Then you’re locked to your project tempo! Should be all you need to do.


Thank you - I appreciate the help!