Instant Tremolo (How to?)

I must be doing something silly. I just want a simple tremolo to engage immediately when I select a scene. The only Tremolo block available always ramp up too slowly for what I need.

Any trick I should know?


Within the tremolo pedal, turn off ‘Sync’ and see if you can adjust the time knob to your preference.

I haven’t actually played around with a tremolo - but I will do later and see if I have the same issue.

Pretty sure I tried both sync setups and also played with the other parameters without success. Will revisit to make sure. Thanks for your reply.

Are you wanting the effect waveform to start when you play the note i.e. it’s in-phase with what you’re playing? This is a feature that I’m interested in.

I need even simpler. When I hit the scene button I wans full tremolo effect. It seems to me that there is a ramping going on even when I set the FADE IN and FADE OUT to 1 ms but does’nt seems to make any difference.

Well! Can’t explain it but it seems that its working correctly today. Fixed by reboot. It’s all possible.

Really sorry about that. Still love my QC.


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