Delay tails

Hi everyone.

So, using Nolly Archetype I’ve got all my tones nailed. Love the use of it with my midi pedal too.

So here’s the thing I love. When switching presets via midi the delay/reverb tails work perfectly if the preset I’m changing to also has a delay or reverb…HOWEVER. if changing to a “dry” preset it doesn’t have delay/reverb tails.

How do you people get around this?

It’s not horrendous but having tails follow onto a dry channel would be the extra special sprinkles on the icing of this delicious cake.

Interested to hear your work around?

Can you put a delay or reverb in a 2nd preset and not have it set to “on” (same thing as dry), and then switch to it? Would that work?

Good suggestion! I’ll give it a try and report back.