Delay tails

Hi everyone.

So, using Nolly Archetype I’ve got all my tones nailed. Love the use of it with my midi pedal too.

So here’s the thing I love. When switching presets via midi the delay/reverb tails work perfectly if the preset I’m changing to also has a delay or reverb…HOWEVER. if changing to a “dry” preset it doesn’t have delay/reverb tails.

How do you people get around this?

It’s not horrendous but having tails follow onto a dry channel would be the extra special sprinkles on the icing of this delicious cake.

Interested to hear your work around?

Can you put a delay or reverb in a 2nd preset and not have it set to “on” (same thing as dry), and then switch to it? Would that work?

Good suggestion! I’ll give it a try and report back.

This sadly didnt work. Maybe im just being fussy. haha

Im having even more of an issue with the gojira one.
The preset switching there is even worse! Very clear gap between sounds when switching to a different present. Even with Delay. At least with Nolly you get tails going between say a lead solo sound to ambient clean. WIth Gojira its…stop…dry. Dead annoying when jamming. No issue for recording.