Newbie Help: My clean guitar tone is also heard with the processed distortion sound at the same time

Hi guys

My clean guitar sound is heard along with the processed distortion sound on my Quad Cortex. I read something about Direct Monitoring causing this issue. How do I turn that off? Anyone can help my issue. I am new to this type of complex machine. Thank you.

how are you listening to it? Through a DAW? Direct Monitoring usually involves a DAW where you are recording the output of the QC and you hear the signal twice, essentially. It’s probably not the cause of hearing the DI/no-fx tracks.

If you are just listening to the QC thru headphones (or speakers) and you are hearing the DI guitar, it’s probably coming from another lane in the grid of your preset itself. Can you show a picture of the preset you’re using?

If you have a lane with fx blocks that are bypassed, the guitar signal still goes thru them- that is most likely where it’s coming from if you still hear it from the QC itself

You are right. I figured it out that it was the another line that was out to “multi”. When I set it to the 1/4 output. The issue went away. Thank you.

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