When playing on gain amp, can hear kind of clean note on top of distortion

Hello there,

I am quite new with quad cortex but I have an issue that appears on some preset I created and that appears suddenly and was not there at some point.

In fact when I play with gain on some of my distortion preset, when I hit the low E string on power chord, I can hear kind of a clean sound at the back, almost like a “bass” note.

It’s really weird cause the distortion sound is ground but it’s altered by that kind of clean sounf on top of it.

Sorry, English is not my native language, not sure I pointed my problem clearly :confused:


Ps : for exemple it started to happen on the kiko mai. Riff live preset, and also on one of my own. Strange things : if i copy past all my effect on a free patch problem seems to disappear.

Hi @manticora,
What you describe is typical for direct monitoring, when you hear the direct signal on top of the processed signal.
Are you using QC standalone, or as sound card with your computer?

Anyway - in QC check your routing also. Maybe you redirect the guitar signal directly to output?


hi @4TuneMan ,

thanks for your answer,
I either go directly on the return of my amp (without Cab sim) or in a pA (with a cab sim).
So i use it as a slandalone.

In terms of routing, i go from my guitar in Input 1 and goes out to output 3 directly to my return FX or in the PA.

Not sure how to check what you mentionned.

make sure you arent monitoring the dedicated DI raw track that comes out on USB 3+4 or whatever

Not sure where to check what you propose @DeadCircus :stuck_out_tongue:
I am pretty new on the quad cortex ^^

If the problem dissapears on another preset, then you probably route the DI signal directly to the output on another row.
It would be easier to help if you could show us your preset.

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Sorry for the quality, but I did not manage to improve my QC enough, to take screenshots :wink:
Here I am routing all paths to MultiOut (because of laziness).

  1. Basic signal path
    Guitar from In1, through some amp and cab sim. You hear processed guitar.

  2. Stereo signal path
    Guitar from In1, signal splitter splits your guitar signal to two lines. You hear PROCESSED guitar from both amp/cab simulators.

  3. Modified stereo signal path
    Guitar from In1, signal splitter, but - somehow the amp/cab sim were removed from second line.
    You hear processed guitar from top line, but splitter delivers unprocessed guitar signal to your output. (well, as I did not remove reverb from that line - almost unprocessed)
    You will hear processed guitar signal from top line, plus (almost) unprocessed guitar from the second line.

So - check the signal routing in your QC, as some trap can sit there. :wink:


I think you are right, in fact i think I created 2 row to try different things, and at the end I used only 1, but I left the line 2 empty but connected to input 1 a’d output 3, so, I should have the raw signalncoming from this empty line.

You see what i mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Happens always with new exciting gear :wink:
Glad I could help!