QC: Different tone if something is moved on row 2

I noticed that the tone change if I move one fx (eg the overdrive) in the second row, usuing the mixer connector (not changing anything else nor adding any fx on row 1). Did anyone else have the same issue?

If I understand you correctly, you’re dragging the fx block to the 2nd row? That means the first row is passing the DI signal through, and it’s being mixed with the fx. So, yes, you should hear a difference

Thanks Ricardo. I figured that, but I mean when I have a connector going to row 2 for some fx and returning to row 1 before the amp, so only the out of row 1 is used. It seems that the tone slightly change.

Well, the fx you are putting in row 2 are in parallel with the clean signal in that case. Unless you change the levels on the split to cancel the dry signal


Great point. Din’t think about this. So I should set the signal to 10 so that so do not goes to the dry and return only from the M(ixer). Will give a try. Thanks for the input sir.