Newbe - only low volume sound coming out

Yesterday I received my brand new Neural DSP and was very excited.
I connected my stereo speakers Camper 212 GFR Flat Response cabinet (Riter) directly into the Neural DSP using 2 speaker cables in OUT 3/L and OUT 4/R and made all settings according to the manual.
But, I can only hear a very very slight sound coming out from my speakers cabinet.
I tested all cables, I can see the input and output signals on the screen and the volumes should be sufficient but I get only very very low sound from my cabinets.
Why is this so? Did I miss something? Does the sound need to be amplified somehow? (the stereo cabinet is not an active cabinet).
In this case how can I amplify the signal in order to be able to use my stereo speakers Camper 212 GFR?
Coming from the Kemper world thank you for helping me with this issue.

Hello @Glutz,

Looks like your FRFR cabinet is a cabinet only; it does not have an amplifier built in. I’m guessing you were using your Kemper’s power amp, but the QC does not have this. You will need a separate power amplifier to drive the cabinet.

Try doing a search in this forum for power amps; you should find what other users have discovered works for them. It would be a good exercise to understanding what info is already here.

One more thing I feel like I should add: only use speaker cables between a power amp and a speaker cabinet. Speaker cables are not shielded and can cause EMI/noise problems when used for instrument or line level audio signals.

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