Using Neural DSP for live gigs?

I’m curious to know what kind of rig anyone is using to do this.

For myself, I can see routing my interface main outputs directly to the FOH but I’m also wondering about going directly to my amp (40W combo) and using the clean channel. Not sure how well that would work.

Who’s got some thoughts on this?

please PLEASE do not go into the clean channel of an amp. IF you HAVE to use an amp get one white an FXloop because the FX return effectively bypasses the preamp and just goes to the power amp. However that will just be for stage reference because the FOH option will ALWAYS sound better. Best of luck!

Yeah, my amp has effects send/return, I’m good there.

If I wanted to use the stand-alone Nolly plugin for playing live, I’d have my laptop running the software and my interface. I’m thinking I’d use the main outs of the interface (not amplified) and I could conceivably go direct to one of those powered live speakers from Headrush or whomever else.

I’m just wondering if I could use my amp for this as an alternative?

You mentioned FX return and that will bypass the preamp, so could I run the signal from my interface main out to the return?

I’m sure it’s not optimal, but a Quad Cortex isn’t in my budget yet, nor is a powered speaker. I’m just brainstorming.


I plan to use a Powercab112+ or Powercab212 in FRFR mode. I have both and choose which one based on the room and stage size. Stereo isn’t much of a concern for live gigs.

Hooking up Interface send to FX Return will be safe. Try it and see how it works for you! Anything else would be an opinion that is not yours. Only way to make one. But it is a safe way to connect the devices. However, you will need to worry about delay. Set the I/O buffer as low as possible without any clicks and crackles and you should be fine