Why Quad Cortex lower in volume than Kemper?

Both my Quad Cortex and Kemper are
un-powered. When using the same powered monitor, the Kemper seems much louder than the Quad Cortex.
I believe I’ve made all my proper leveling adjustments at the Input/output section, but it still remains half the vol of the Kemper. Shouldn’t they be very similar in volume when tested on the same powered monitor?
Or can it vary in each unit individually?

Am I overlooking anything in reference to bringing the volume up?
in addition to the input/output adjustments I usually end up adjusting volumes in the amp block, overdrive block, EQ block, etc.

Thanx for any help!

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I have the same issue. My Kemper and Fractal units all out put at +4 dbu. The QC doesn’t seem to.

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Same. Kemper is much louder. Can’t feed the active box well with QC. Also over headphones!

I’m having the same issue. I have two Line6 Power Cabs that I was using with a Kemper Stage. With the Quad Cortex, I almost have the volume dial full up to get the same level as Kemper on 40-50%.

Have you guys tried going into I/0 menu touched the outputs you want and raised the level there? I have not used the Qc live yes but I am getting the vibe the level is low. Been thinking of trying what I asked you guys if you did.

Did the new software help with the volume?. Somebody on TGP stated the noticed a huge difference.

I recognize no difference. Unfortunately not louder. Always have to go with the max. and even than it is not loud. Checked I/O Settings.