Why Quad Cortex lower in volume than Kemper?

Both my Quad Cortex and Kemper are
un-powered. When using the same powered monitor, the Kemper seems much louder than the Quad Cortex.
I believe I’ve made all my proper leveling adjustments at the Input/output section, but it still remains half the vol of the Kemper. Shouldn’t they be very similar in volume when tested on the same powered monitor?
Or can it vary in each unit individually?

Am I overlooking anything in reference to bringing the volume up?
in addition to the input/output adjustments I usually end up adjusting volumes in the amp block, overdrive block, EQ block, etc.

Thanx for any help!


I have the same issue. My Kemper and Fractal units all out put at +4 dbu. The QC doesn’t seem to.

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Same. Kemper is much louder. Can’t feed the active box well with QC. Also over headphones!

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I’m having the same issue. I have two Line6 Power Cabs that I was using with a Kemper Stage. With the Quad Cortex, I almost have the volume dial full up to get the same level as Kemper on 40-50%.

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Have you guys tried going into I/0 menu touched the outputs you want and raised the level there? I have not used the Qc live yes but I am getting the vibe the level is low. Been thinking of trying what I asked you guys if you did.

Did the new software help with the volume?. Somebody on TGP stated the noticed a huge difference.

I recognize no difference. Unfortunately not louder. Always have to go with the max. and even than it is not loud. Checked I/O Settings.

I did first live gig into powercab last night. Just with my duo. But after that I’m positive it won’t kee up with the band.
My powered kemper into my 1x12 Marshall with 150w speaker was at least double the volume. I know the kemper was 600w. But I wasn’t t expecting this….love the QC so far but missing my kemper now.

Can you please tell us a bit more about your setup?

I‘d have thought your loudspeaker‘s volume depends mainly on the power amp driving it.

The way you‘re describing it, makes it seem as if the power amp gets waaay too weak of a signal from QC (a QC issue) so it can’t amplify sufficiently which is really surprising.

Actually, I think you need a more powerful power amp.

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Hard to tell without seeing your patch…can you share it here?

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I’m thinking the line 6 powercab at “250w” just isn’t enough. So used to real tube amp power.
But yes it seems the QC line level is weak compared to other units and others have mentioned as well. The powercab has a led on the back the lights green-yellow-red. I can’t even get it to clip into yellow.

I love the QC but am really missing the powered kemper. Even that at “600w” would have a hard time on certain larger stages against the singers 30w boogie and the bass players amp and drums. We aren’t a super loud band but not most quiet either. Music is top 40 pop/rock/dance/country.

Everyone keeps saying just run it into FOH and into monitor or in ears. But that’s not ideal for me as I don’t like my guitar in monitor with my vocals and prefer the tradition amp behind me feel. Also the other guys in band aren’t interested in going in ears and would tell me to pound sand lol.

I’ll send a picture soon. I just made a couple simple patches for now to get buy until I get more time for trial and error.

Example Clean patch
input and output levels set to just below clip. Output knob cranked.

Jewl compressor into a couple drive captures. To

Amp capture into speaker cab followed by chorus. To

Deley to reverb.

All on a single line, or do you have a split?

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Deley and verb on 3rd line. Maybe the captures were recorded low volume? Seems like there’s a lot I’ve variances between presets and captures. Especially when getting off the cloud

Ah - I was thinking just share the preset via the cloud. Find the preset in the directory, hold your finger on it and a button will appear at the top “Copy to Cloud”. Open your app, add me as a friend (zseelye), then share the preset….curious as to what’s causing it.

I noticed this too but as I started digging around I opened the amp settings on a preset and noticed the output setting was set very low so I turned it up and now I have a lot more volume. FYI, I’ve had the same issue with my Kemper Stage and adjusted the actual preset instead of the Global output and it solved my issue.
I used to do programming for synthesizers and the majority of the time you have to find a happy medium that will work out of the gate and then let the user adjust to taste. It would seem like modelers and profilers are pretty much doing the same thing.

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Same issue. In my situation the Kemper into the Matrix GT1000FX into Matrix FR212 is substantially louder than the Quad Cortex into the same amp and speaker set up. The Quad Cortex into that amp and speaker cabinet sounds amazing, but it doesn’t have the volume of the Kemper. It’s very concerning to me because live the Kemper with the Matrix stuff is enough, but with the Quad Cortex I’m not getting sufficient volume. If anyone else is running this with Matrix equipment and has had success messing with the output levels please post what you did. I haven’t found anything on the forums and I’d like to be able to use the volume on the QC instead of setting it to 100 and still having insufficient output.

I think it’s an issue beyond leveling volumes in the “output section” and/or
within any of the “blocks”.
Anyone know if this could be fixed via an OS software update or is it a hardware issue?

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Between the output volume and the volume within the individual patches I have it equal to my Axe Fx going in to a CLR. I push it to redline then back off a tad.

Every now and then I might see the output light up red but it’s rare. It appears to have a limiter on the output so I hear no digital break up.

I set a channel in a little Mackie board to unity and used the amp output (a capture of my amp) to get the level in “range.” I use an eq block at the end of the chain for solo boost–thus my loudest setting–and adjust the QCs master outs (I’m using the XLRs, 1 and 2) so that my loudest guitar on the solo setting pushes it to about +6dB…well below redline. My original plan was to have most things at 0 and solo at +4 but it ended up a little hotter, yet no digital overdrive, so I’ve left it. No complaints about level from sound guys…in fact have had a couple bandmates say it seemed hotter than my AX8 that was leveled out according to Austin Buddy’s directions…